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The door of the office was opened wide to the unexpected one and a man entered 
nearly  in  the  room running  and he was arrested to the  writing desk and he 
supported  the palms  of the hands opened on the  shelf in front of himself in 
order  to support his abrupt arrest and in order to refrain the inertial force 
that still pushed him in ahead.  There was a moment  of total quiet,  then the 
man made a strange noise  with the mouth,  sucking in the air fastly,  like if 
he was remained for a long time without breathing, and nearly shouted: " Boss, 
we have a big problem to the Hive. The Larvae of Sector 1, Cross-sections 2, 3 
and 4, are behaved in an anomalous way. We d'not succeed in disconnecting them 
from  the nutritional ganglia  of their Cells.  That's we  cannot make be born
them.  Until now  every our attempt  of biological,  cybernetic and electronic 
nature  in order  to bypass  this problem and in order  to put into effect the 
final process  of their aided procreation has not get anything.  A thing never 
succeeded before! ".  The man behind the writing desk slowly  raised the head, 
surmounted  from a not indifferent mass of white hair,  from the papers he was 
examining before the irruption,  until intercrossing the look of who it was of 
forehead.  An equally  candid and flowing  beard framed  the chubby face  of a 
stout man.  The aspect of the man could have defined good-natured without some 
doubt,  but not  in that moment.  A violent flush  was  replaced  to the light 
naturally rose-colored colouring  of his face  and his blue eyes darkened in a 
steel-grayl,  while  his eyebrows  were  bent  in a position  that it  did not 
promise nothing good.  Then,  like a thunder, its powerful voice filled up the 
room: "Professor Albani!  You cannot absolutely rush here  within in this way, 
without  my secretary announcing you !  And then,  you must stop  to use  that 
ignoble  slang  expressions  of which  ago more  and more  you use  and that a 
scientist  of your reputation  is dishonourable of one.  I am not your "Boss", 
but  the Professor Carpitelli,  genetist of world-wide reputation! "Hive",  as 
you  define  our  Project,  is a term without some meant.  The correct name is
"Aeacus Project",  the  "Cells"  are  "Biomecanic Artificial Wombs"  and  the 
corrected  definition  of  "Larvae"  is  "Aided Unborn Children" or "Fetuses"!  
I'm astonished that a scientist of your intelligence, a Nobel prize winner for 
Biochemistry,  is obstinate  to express himself  in a way so coarse and little 
scientific !!". 
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