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The cream-coloured ceiling,  that was in front of my eyes, had a small leak in deep on 
right,  and  my look lingered over it.  "...then you was mentioning me your dream...", 
the voice  of the psychologist interrupted the moment  of torpor that had been created 
in my mind and it quickly brought back me to a state of waking. "Yes, doctor, I'm here 
just for this.  From three months, every night, I have exactly the same dream, without 
any change.  In my sleep I seem to have the eyes closed and to cannot open them,  then 
with a sudden effort  I open them wide  and  I am opposite a very extensive landscape, 
but shrouded  in a dense mist.  The strange thing  is  that I see it from a very ample 
view,  as if I looked  through the wide-angle lens  of a camera.  The land opposite me 
is enough desert and there is a monorail that leaves from the fog,  passes next to me, 
approximately ten meters on my left,  and continues  behind my back till it disappears 
on the horizon.  I  do  not  hear  any sound and all things are still,  except the fog 
that moves lazy.  Little by little  a noise  grows  always  more strong.  Unexpectedly 
a train  comes out  from the fog  and  it passes near to me,  running on the monorail. 
The noise  is  very high.  Then the view changes and I see the train  in the distance. 
Also  the landscape  is  changed,  and  now  it  is  less desert and more mountainous. 
As a bird  I  fly  at the side  of the train,  that goes at high speed on the monorail 
and  I  follow  its crazy run.  The view  changes  again and now the train rushes on a 
territory  where  it  is a very strange mountain,  consisting of three big stone faces 
that seem to turn,  when we,  I and the train,  pass at them side, and that disappears 
slowly on the left,  while the race continues,  turning on the right. The land becomes 
more arid and I begin to see some pyramids with different shape:  square,  pentagonal, 
octagonal,  smooth or with steps.  On their top  I  glimpse some human bodies and also 
animals.  Other pyramids are empty.  We pass between them,  without slowing down.  The 
landscape  changes  again  and  becomes  a grassland.  We draw near a station that has 
a futuristic look and is shrouded in mist.  The noise of the brakes echoes in the air.  
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I have written this my tale in Italian language and after I have translated it in English language.
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