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Well, I'm Francesco Franceschi, been born in 1951 in Rome, Italy, where currently I alive, zodiacal sign Scorpion. I have made classic studies and I like visit art-shows and museums, because I have always loved the Painting and the Sculpture. For years I have travelled and studied the life and the Art that I met. In that period I expressed myself using paper, pencils, oil colors, canvas and paint-brushes. Then, beyond 15 years ago, I bought my first Computer, a Commodore 64.

I, Frank, near an old compu

Again I, Frank.
  I understood very soon the enormous potentialities of that incredible small machine, that is the possibility that new shape of artistic expression was born one. Not more canvas and colors, but a more refined, complex and conceptual art, composed one of mouses, graphic tablets, programs and monitors and the possibility to show just the job to anyone had a computer in whichever part of the world, without being bounder from frustrating space limits.

A new more popular Art. An art in continuous evolution, hinged on the concept of new and young persons. I and the computer: it was love from the first moment. I have had many others computers, but the passion for this new instrument is now always the same one of the beginning, and from then I express all my artistic temperament through the Computer Graphic.

Always I, Frank ...

I could not never have undertaken this my artistic way without the continuous affective, moral and critical support of a wonderful person, that is my wife Oriana, who stands affectionately me already for over 25 years!

I, Frank, and my wife Oriana

Oriana ...

A great space in my heart is reserved also for our wonderful cat "Petronio". This affectionate, sincere, always discreetly present, small animal pours continuously an enormous amount of love on me and on my wife Oriana.

Petronio !

Again Petronio ...

Always more Petronio !!

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