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Yo, guys! My name is Francesco Franceschi, 
for my friends simply "Frank",  and I live 
in Rome, Italy.  I paint images that dream 
when  I  sleep  and  that  obsess me until 
I transfer them  from  their  dreamy world 
in our real world.  I use a computer,  the 
more ductile mean that  I  know,  to  make 
this.  Perhaps in future I will change, if 
I will find one more  powerful instrument. 
When  I  create  these  images,  sometimes 
I  obtain  a  result   many  near  to as I 
have dreammed to them.  Then I feel myself 
satisfied  and  some  verses,   short  but 
that   enclose  this  particular   moment, 
gush  out  spontaneous   from   my spirit. 
It is a strange and mysterious, but unrestrainable process.  Those verses seem to 
complete the image,  that otherwise,  without them,  would be a poor,  unfinished 
thing.  This new web site proposes,  in such unusual way, some my works and their 
relative short poetries.  Click up on  the left on  "images"  push-button and you 
will reach really in the section  of the pictures.  In this section you will find 
the thumbnails of  my graphic  works  and you will  be able to choise one of them 
with the mouse  to see  it better  and bigger  and to read the verses that I have 
written being  inspired by it.  It is an unusual,  but perhaps stimulating,  way. 
As I like a lot to write,  recently I've created also some short stories,  always 
equipped with my images.  On the left you can use  the push-button of  tales  and 
read someone of them.  I hope you like them,  even if they are  a little strange. 
Another  interesting  thing  is  the  auto-stereograms  section,  where I show my 
stereograms not codified, but wholly intelligibile at the first look. After this, 
there  is  a  section  for  a little selection of my 3D and Gif animations. In my 
artistic works I use  always  the computer,  a wonderful instrument,  but that it 
demands a study and a continuous application.  For this I have dedicated  a short 
section to some  tutorials  about methodologies  I've used in order to create the 
images as I wanted.  I hope that they can be useful also to someone of you. Don't 
forget to visit the free tools section,  where you could find 3D objetcs,  images 
backgrounds,  etc.,  that I have created and that are free of charge for personal 
use.  Other  sections  of  this  site  are  that  one entitled "I Frank", that is 
dedicated to the presentation of my family,  that relative one to my professional 
and artistic curriculum,  that one of the  new adds  that I periodically will add 
to this site, that one of the site map, so you can see quickly the areas you like 
more to go,  that on of the  orders  if you want buy some stamp of my images. The 
last sections are the section of the links to my friends,  many of them excellent 
artists  that  deserve  without  doubt  a visit,  the section  classified  to the 
shipment of yours e-mails of comments,  to which I hold very many and that I hope 
are sincere,  and finally  the section  dedicated to the choice of your language.
I  really  wished  you  a  pleasant  and  stimulant  stay  on these my web pages. 
Ciao from ....................................................................... Frank

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