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The spaceship  "SOL 23749"  ran  at  ultralight speed  in the Iperspace.  Its crew was 
composed  from  a  strange  couple,  a lot  brought  together: a man and a cat.  After 
numerous failures  and  cases of madness,  the scientists uncovered that only a couple 
formed  from  a  human  being  and  a cat  resisted  undamaged the long travels in the 
depths  of  the  space.  The Captain  George Morroni  was happy,  because finally they 
were making return home,  to Rome,  on Terra,  after two months  of mission,  in which 
they  had  uncovered  three  planets  adapted  for the human colonization. He was laid 
on the hammock  and  with his hand trifled with the fur of Petronio,  his partner-cat, 
that  was  dozing  calm  near him.  The man and the cat  would have had to be the only 
occupants of the spaceship,  but hidden in the hold there was a Drill, a member of the 
more dangerous alien specie of the Universe.  The Drill,  large as a baseball-ball, is 
furnished  with  sharp  claws,  spiky  teeth  and  a venomous sting,  and he is almost 
completely invisible,  because his color  is  beyond the visible spectrum of the other 
living  beings.  He  is  omnivorous,  he eats  also  the members  of his specie and he 
everywhere survives,  because when he is in a hostile atmosphere, he falls cataleptic, 
waiting for better living conditions forhim to wake up.  The reproduction of the Drill 
happens  with the emission  of spores,  is fastest  and  follows an exponential curve. 
In only eight weeks one Drill, with his sons, could exaust the alimentary resources of 
a planet as Earth.  Finally the Drill is an intelligent and aggressive being.  The one 
that now was in the hold,  he was gone up in the spaceship, during a pause on a remote 
planet,  without that the edge sensors revealed his presence.  He was calm and hidden, 
preparing to invade the Earth, pretasting the moment of his reproduction with sporing. 
Nothing  could  stop  him  and  all the things  seemed  to proceed  in the best way... 
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I have written this my tale in Italian language and after I have translated it in English language.
If you find some my translation's error, excuse me and send me an e-mail with the correct version. Thanx !!
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