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- Good morning superintendent, I'm Johnny Bartelli.
- Good morning, sir. I know that you want tell me something about the Pope's incident.
- Yes, sir.  Sincerally I didn't want reveal what I have seen on that evening, but now 
  my coscience induces  myself  to reveal everything,  also if probably you will think 
  that I'm a madman. 
- Do you know  that  now  the incident  is filed,  because  at last nothing of harmful 
  happened to the Pope?
- Yes I know it.
- Anyway, tell me everything, and, please, begin at the start of this story. 
- Well.  That day was a sunday,  and,  as every sunday,  I went out  of the town to my 
  mother house.  On the last afternoon I was going back  at home with my car.  On that 
  moment my wife  began to torture me.  "Do you know  that the Pope today comes to our 
  parish to celebrate a solemn Mass?" she sayed, "I want go there!", and she continued 
  to repeat  these  words.  So, on the end  I decided  to satisfy  her.  Also because, 
  sincerally,  I was a little curious to see the Pope with my eyes. Well, I parked the 
  car  near  the  Church  and  I  and  my wife set out.  A big crowd  was assembled on 
  the square out  of the Church.  I succeded  to go in with the strenght of my elbows. 
  The Church's inner was letteraly full up. I found a space near a column and I staied 
  there.... On the air there was a dreadful smell of perfume and perspiration togheter 
  and I already was repented to be there,  when a big clamour raised on my right side. 
  I turned my head and I saw an incredible thing:  a little man with the crossed legs, 
  as  they  use  the oriental people,  get up slowly on the air.  He really levitated! 
  When he overtook to a considerable height, he stopped here.  On the Church now a big 
  silence  there  was.  Unexpectedly  this man extended  his right arm and slowly also 
  the Pope got up slowly on air!
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I have written this my tale in Italian language and after I have translated it in English language.
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