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To sleep...  To sleep cradled  from the infinite passing  of the time...  Aeons were 
passed  and  only  a  legendary  memory  by  now  remained  about  the Constructors.  
Also  they  had  become  powder,  as  the  civilization and the exterminated empire, 
comprising thousands of planets, that they had created. Their native world, once the 
center  of the Universe,  was now  a desolated extent  of sand and naked rocks. Only 
the Guardian still lived, dipped in a sleep without  dreams, unconscious sentinel by 
now  of  a  far  away  memory.  Its  carapace  throbbed steadily and it was the only 
detector sign of the made drowsy life that fowed in him. He was the final product of 
war science  of a people  who  had dominated uncontested  the universe for thousands 
of centuries.  His task  was simple and intransgressible:  to defend the Planet-Home 
of  the  Constructors...  The  operating  spaceship "Galileo" of planet Earth was in 
special  mission.  The legends  of many people  of Galaxy  agreed  in indicating the  
planet,  towards  which they were directed and that slowly it was  approached always 
more,  as  the ancient political and cultural center  of the Universe.  Who was that 
mythical  and  powerful people  about which all ancient legends spoke?  Perhaps they 
would  have uncovered it on that planet,  whose horizon filled up now nearly all the 
visual  one  of  the  command  bridge.  Here,  by  now  they were penetrating in its 
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I have written this my tale in Italian language and after I have translated it in English language.
If you find some my translation's error, excuse me and send me an e-mail with the correct version. Thanx !!
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