Experimental Course: Historical Artistic Goods on Territory
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Subject: 2D Virtual Design
in Computer Graphic with Fractal Painter ©
Year 2001 Students Practicals
Accademia L'Aquila
For most part of time, the human race lives immersed in reality and this happened from immemorial time. The reality of things is been always a firm point in the history of humanity. All that was beyond reality was labeled with the name of Fantasy and was relegated in the world of immaterial things. Today however these concepts are excelled. We live in the Simulation Age, that is in the Age of the Virtual Elaboration of Reality, a phenomenon than cannot more be labeled with the generic name of Fantasy, as the result of these tecniques of virtual elaborations are so much brought to perfection and advanced to bear real effects, that frequently pass over the reality that initially simulated. Computer is the main instrument of this new science of simulation and virtual elaboration. These new tecniques today are applied to almost all the fields of human knowledge and are gone strongly in our daily life too, changing our society e giving it a trace of extreme dynamism, in a world where the firm points are now truly poor and where tomorrow is almost always different as today. The last example is the world of Internet that represents only an endless trip that we made in a virtual world, but for we really a real world to search news, to travel, to acquire or despatch goodses and services, to read books, to administ, to take part in debates, to work, ecc., and all this without we physically move from our chair in front of our computer, confortably to our home. This process of simulation and electronicelaboration of reality not happened in last months, but is a process that starts from some years ago, with the birth of computers, till to arrive at our days and to perspectives sometime enigmatic of a possible future pheraps dominated from one reality than non will be more as the we apprehend to day, bensė a fully virtual reality. Related at the field of the present course, that is the 2D Graphic, we can restfully assert that the simulation and the electronic elaboration of image have reached their acme and have exceded for some verses the real original tecniques of starting. Computer Software programs that need to create such images are always more improved and they put in the hands of the artist, that utilises them, a power today never reached before. Today the limited specialization to only some branch of traditional Graphic is overcome, as these programs of painting elaboration contain almost all possible pictorial tecniques, so that the artist, as he likes, can utilise, after have learned them studying the program, all pictorial tecniques he will judge more opportune for the optimal result of him artistic project, without any limitation of materials, without additional costs, without get dirty with colors or with other materials on the hands or clothes, obtaining at last a result often not possible to discern and sometimes better than he could obtain working only in the real world. In effects the comparison with the reality today becomes restrictive e reductive either for real world, or for electronic world, as now the electronic elaboration of image became a such maturity that he can exist as an autonomous discipline from traditional tecniques, also if it continues to emulate perfectly them. Therefore today is possible and auspicabile to utilise these electronic tecniques of simulation and elaboration, either as study of real tecniques, before to intervene in the real world, for example in a restoration or in a preventive work for the creation of an image, eir as indipendent instrument and technique to project and elaborate conclusive of a work of artistic value. The program utilised in this course is the Fractal Painter 2D, from Corel Corporation. It is one of the most important 2D programs 2D at world, surely the most important as Computerized Pictorical Graphic, utilised from the best electronic artists of whole world.

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